Apr 16, 2012

What Is the Rapture?

What is the Rapture?

Study shows definition of three views of the Rapture and their relationship to one common teaching of Scripture. The very term used by which the Rapture teaching is defined creates problems with both the definition and the likelihood of the rapture occurrence.

Of recent, there have been major failed attempts at the raptureready headquarters of Harold Camping and others. May 21, 2011 and it's back up date of October 12, 2011, were major embarrassments. Some are even making predictions for 2012, especially with what is believed to be evidence from the Mayan calendar, a non-biblical source!

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Jul 23, 2010

Israel and Signs of the End Times

The charge of Anti-Semitism is loosely thrown around to almost everyone and anyone who takes a Biblical view of Israel as the church versus a national state. Scriptures are taken out of context and are anachronistically applied to the present day when they were covenantally referring to the the first century. Was the nation of Israel exclusive in the Old Testament? Were there no foreigners among them who had rights to the land? Is the nation carried forth into the New Testament without regard to their faith in Christ. "It is also irresponsible to suggest that God will belss us materially if we support the largely secular State of Israel, especially when this invariably means ignoring the plight of indigenous Christian population. Stephen Sizer, Zions Christian Soldiers? The Bible, Israel and the Church, p. 46. For more information see "Signs of the End Times."